Progress to Date

Since the project began, the Archive Task Force has made great progress. The group itself is made up of only six members but has approximately a dozen volunteers at any given time who assist with the project. Channel 4 is the first television station to fully participate, though other TV and radio stations are at various levels of involvement. Much of the film has been cataloged and they are almost finished documenting the 1966 film from WBEN-TV, the first complete year of film preserved (this effort should be finished by the end of December 09). Sadly, some of the film has been lost due to poor storage conditions before it came to the warehouse (due to factors such as fluctuating temperatures during storage in garages). Even now, the warehouse is not climate-controlled.

The Archive Task Force has brought the project to the attention of professionals outside the Buffalo Broadcasters Association. In 2007, Newberg had Lisa Carter, a national moving image archive expert, to meet with Buffalo television industry representatives and to look at the collection. Her input was helpful in creating a necessary assessment of the collection early on. Also consulted was Dr. Michael Frisch, a UB Senior Research Scholar, and Professor of History and American Studies. He will index and catalogue the film after it is digitized. The group has also made strong efforts to communicate with colleges and universities in the Buffalo area, encouraging involvement (ex. MLS students who wish to do a practicum relating to archives).

Due to the extent of the project, the group has sought funding from various sources. At this point in time, the Archive Task Force has raised over half of a $10,000 challenge grant from the Harnisch Foundation. Looking at the progress so far, it appears that the project will be wholly successful.