The Buffalo Broadcasters Association is celebrating the accomplishments of its valued members.  From time to time, we’ll be posting profiles of our members.  Here, we asked WBFO Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley to answer several questions we posed.

What are some of your career highlights in broadcasting?

To be able to cover many major events, newsmakers of the Buffalo community over the past three decades. Opportunities to interview major newsmakers, some celebrities.  Had a chance to chase down Stevie Wonder in a hotel lobby for the Buffalo Bills 1994 Super Bowl trip in Atlanta.  I asked him who was going to win and he sang “I just called to say Buffalo!,” but unfortunately his prediction, as we know, never came true.  Then in 2013, had a chance to interview Gloria Steinem in person.  Most recently, Ben Vereen.

Why did you join the BBA?

There are very few organizations that are about our industry and what we do. I’ve worked at many Buffalo radio stations through the years and the BBA keeps me connected to many former co-workers and colleagues. Not just to network, but to be with broadcast friends. To celebrate what we do and how much dedication it takes to be in the news and broadcast business. 

What’s your favorite BBA event?

The Hall of Fame is always inspiring. To hear how others persevered through their careers. 

What advice do you have for aspiring broadcasters?

Keep at it, take what comes at you, and don’t get down on yourself.  Do whatever it takes – including long hours, extra effort to be recognized. Soak up what other successful broadcasters are doing.

Name a broadcaster who inspired you?

In Buffalo radio, former WGR anchor Sandy Kozel, now at AP Radio.  Former WGR reporter Jane Tomczak.  Nationally, Jane Pauly and Barbara Walters. 

How has the broadcasting industry changed over the course of your career?

From manual typewriters to early computers, on-line access, Websites, everything digital – from recording, editing and computer audio programs to mobile and social media!

What are your interests outside of broadcasting?

Being with family, enjoy ballet and theater. 

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