Retired Buffalo broadcaster and advertising executive Danny McBride has passed away.

McBride passed away on September 21 at his Grand Island Home.

WBFO News Director Emeritus Mark Scott shared this remembrance of McBride on Facebook:

“Danny and his boyhood friends from South Buffalo, Danny Neaverth and Joey Pinto (Reynolds), all began their famed careers at the South Buffalo Boys Club. We all know Danny N. and Joey went on to enjoy stellar careers as air talents. Danny McBride was on the air for a while. I remember him sharing stories about the record hops he did in the 1950s while he was at WEBR. But for the most part, Danny made his mark behind-the-scenes.

In the early ’60s, Danny was the PR guy at the old Town Casino. The pictures he shared with me from that era are phenomenal. He met so many stars — Andy Williams, Connie Francis, Jerry Vale and more. Once, I answered the phone while at McBride Media in the late ’80s. When I asked who’s calling, the answer was “Jerry Vale.” Here, some 25 years later, Danny was still in touch with these entertainers.

Danny also made his mark as general manager of WBNY, 96.1FM (later WJYE and now Mix 96). “All music, all the time.” As a high school senior, I remember visiting several radio stations with some friends one day. We stopped in the Rand Building to visit WBNY. We were in the studio when Danny walked in to offer some “words of wisdom” to the air talent. He looked at us and walked out. Little did I know that 15 years later, I would be working for Dan.

Indeed, Dan eventually left radio to form his own advertising agency. During my five year “sabbatical” from full-time work at WBFO in the late ’80s and early ’90s, I spent two years at McBride Media Services. It was Danny, me and Lee (our part-time secretary). Now, my passion was radio and I loved my time as news director at WBFO. But I never had as much fun at a job as I did working with Danny. We’d see a client in the morning and then enjoy a leisurely lunch at Del and Herbs on the Island. Write some copy in the afternoon and then play video golf on the computer. Danny already had a stellar line-up of clients — West Herr Ford, Buffalo Optical, Big L Distributors and others. I wanted to do my part to help expand this little agency. My proudest accomplishments from that time was landing the Nationwide Insurance account for the WNY region and producing a TV spot for Red Door Ski Shop. I learned a lot about the world of advertising from Danny McBride.

When I returned to WBFO, Danny and I would meet occasionally for lunch. We often talked on the phone. He eventually closed the advertising agency. The last chapter of his career was hosting a one hour show Saturdays on WXRL Radio. I’d occasionally stop by his remote locations. The last time I saw him was about four years ago at a remote at Russell’s Steaks Chops and More.

Because of ill health, Danny spent the last couple of years of his life confined to his Grand Island home. But he did leave his mark on Buffalo radio and advertising. Danny was more than a boss, he was a friend. And even though he did not want a service, I hope he wouldn’t mind this little tribute. Rest in peace, Oh Danny Boy.”

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