Earlier this month, the New York State Associated Press Association announced the winners of the annual awards given local print and broadcast media outlets. WNY stations walked away from the ceremony, in Saratoga Springs, with 38 awards total. This wrap-up highlights the TV stations and the awards they received.

WGRZ-TV led the way with 6 total awards from the ceremony, the most for any organization in WNY. The awards are as follows:

  • Outstanding News Operation for Television II: WGRZ-TV
  • 1st Place, Continuing Coverage: WGRZ-TV, “The Death of Officer Craig Lehner”
  • 1st Place, Public Service: Melissa Holmes & Bob Mancuso, “Under The Helmet”
  • 1st Place, Enterprise Reporting: Michael Wooten, “Drone Law Changed”
  • 2nd Place, Investigative Reporting: Dan Telvock/Investigative Post, “Toxic Creek”
  • 2nd Place, Newscast: WGRZ-TV, “Channel 2 News at Six”

Spectrum News Buffalo came back home with two first place awards. The winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place, Feature: Breanna Fuss, “Young Co-Pilot and Mercy Flight Medic Form Uplifting Friendship”
  • 1st Place, Best Reporter or Anchor: Katie Gibas

WKBW-TV picked up two awards with the same team that had won awards from earlier this year. The results are as follows:

  • 1st Place, Investigative Reporting: Charlie Specht & Jeff Wick, “Pignataro: Deceitful Doctor. Accused Killer. New Identity?”
  • 2nd Place, Continuing Coverage: Charlie Specht & Jeff Wick, “Niagara County Community College Scandals”

Finally, WIVB-TV picked up one award. The winner is as follows:

  • 1st Place, Sports Feature: Shannon Shepherd, “Celery, More Than a Veggie”
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