2003 Inductee

Her appeal as a newscaster and personality is on many different levels. She’s smart, beautiful, authoritative, street savvy and genuine. Carol Jasen had a legendary 23 year career in Buffalo, joining WIVB in 1979 when she became the first female anchor at Channel 4. She was first paired up with John Beard, while also reporting for the 11 o’clock news. After John headed to Los Angeles, Carol and the late Bob Koop were the team to watch on News 4. Carol anchored the news at noon, 5, 6, and 11, with the likes of Beard, Koop, Rich Newberg, Kevin O’Connell and Don Postles until she “retired” to Arizona in 2003. Carol Crissey came to Buffalo from Harrisburg, PA where she was an anchor/weathercaster at WHP-TV but it would be Western New York that would welcome her as part of the family. “Buffalo formed me. Buffalo gave me a home. Buffalo made me feel welcome, and Buffalo really has formed my values, my philosophies, and I’m too late to change now. So this is what you get… I am a Buffalonian, and I carry it in my heart always,” Jasen said.

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