by Mark Scott, BBA Website and Newsletter Editor

One of the positive aspects of our newly re-designed website is that I don’t have to wait until the quarterly newsletter to pen a column.  I can write something when the muse strikes.  And today, I have something to say.  But first, let me extend an invitation to all Buffalo broadcasters to submit a column for publication on our website and in our newsletter.  It can be about anything – broadcasting history or an issue in the news.  I don’t desire to be the only writer here.  So, I will try and prime the pump.

I got into a Twitter debate with Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News the other day over the use of the term “turd-burger” to describe the Sabres new third uniform.  I initially tweeted that I would hope an editor at the News would instruct the sports staff not to use it in print or on the News website.  Harrington – and others – reminded me it was Sabres President Ted Black who initially used the term.  They’re right, of course, though they are taking it out of context.  Black did not call the new jersey a “turd-burger.”  His entire response in a WGR radio interview is that if the jersey turns out to be a “turd-burger” that he would take full responsibility.

Now, I have no strong opinions either way about the new third jersey.  I don’t hate it.  It is loud.  But if you want to see a truly ugly jersey, how about the Steelers’ throw-backs that make the players look like the Saturday Night Live cast performing the “killer bees” skit.

I just hate the “TB” phrase.  What are we?  In third grade?  I’m sure Black regrets his choice of phrasing.  I have no problem with the “Goat Head” and “Slug” descriptions for past jerseys.  But let’s just stop calling this new one a “turd-burger.”  That’s just a stupid term.  In fact, the spell-check in Microsoft Word is identifying “turd” as a mis-spelling.  Even my software doesn’t like it. 

Perhaps the News editor agrees with me because I haven’t seen the term used in the paper outside of a reference to Black’s actual quote from the WGR interview.  Can we broadcasters agree not to use it?  Hate the jersey if you want.  But let’s come up with another name for it.  Feel free to make suggestions on our Facebook page. 

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