2001 Distinguished Broadcaster Award

Dan & Nancy Lesniak created the last of the Buffalo radio stations spotlighting the Golden Era of American Music. WADV-FM was the groundbreaking station that became a touchstone for lovers of classic pop music through the 1960s and ’70s. The Lesniaks instituted an outstandingly smooth and intelligent on-air presentation that featured genuine personalities instead of bloodless automation. Among the great WADV voices were Fred Klestine, Rick Bennett, Jerry Glenn, Bernie Sandler, Pat Vincent, Ken Ruof and Jack Horohoe. On the technical side, WADV also was Upstate New York’s first FM stereo station in 1962. Dan & Nancy Lesniak’s ownership of WADV was preceded by Dan’s longtime radio career, both on the air and in sales and management. Dan Lesniak died in 1982. The Broadcast Pioneers honor the Lesniaks for their staunch dedication to classic radio.

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