The BBA is pleased to welcome the New York State Broadcasters Association back to the Queen City to host its annual digital sales seminar and Serving New York Awards Luncheon at the Albright Knox Art Gallery on Tuesday, October 13th.

Digital sales expert Stephen Warley will lead a timely and provocative sales seminar.  As in the past, the seminars will allow you to address issues in your local market.  These highly popular sales seminars fill up very fast.  We encourage account executives to register as soon as possible. 
Do you want to know the local advertising categories spending the most on digital advertising in your market and the most effective approach for selling them?  Do you want to become a digital leader in your market?  This year he’s focused on developing your digital growth mindset by sharing:

• The latest Borrell research showing you the 10 local advertising categories spending the most on digital advertising in your market (and a breakdown of how much money they spend on traditional advertising platforms).

• A step-by-step sales strategy for how to best attack each category using the latest digital research tools.

• How to best sell the hottest digital advertising opportunity today: native (programmatic) advertising.
Registration:  The session is offered free to all NYSBA member stations in good standing.  All registrants are invited to stay for the NYSBA “Serving New York” luncheon which follows immediately after the session.

The “Serving New York Awards” recognize the extraordinary efforts of New York State’s broadcasters in serving the public interest every day.  Importantly, winners may include this award in their public file. The luncheon is free to all NYSBA members in good standing.
Stations are encouraged to invite a public interest group that you have worked with during the past year.  Attending representatives of your invited public interest groups will be presented with an award as well.

Public Interest Submissions: 
At the time of registration, submit no more than a one page written description of your public interest program or campaign.  You may send an e-mail, submit a letter, press releases or include stories that already appear on your web site.  Make sure you include your name and contact information.  Please do not send video or audio tapes.  Please send the one page description to [email protected]

To qualify for an award, the public interest project:
• May include on-air as well as off-air projects
• Should have taken place in during the September 1, 2014 and September 1, 2015 time period.
• Awards will be presented at our luncheons which will be held across the state. (Some luncheons may include multiple markets).
• Stations must be present to receive an award.

The “Serving New York” luncheons will start at Noon on Tuesday, Oct. 13th at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, 1285 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo. Each attendee must register separately.  The luncheon is free to all NYSBA members in good standing.
To register to attend, go to

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