1999 Inductee

Starting her career at Channel 4 in 1950 while still a student at Amherst Central High School, Doris Jones scored many landmark accomplishments: Buffalo’s first female TV newscaster (at Channel 2 in the 1960s); Buffalo’s first weatherwoman (at Channel 59 in 1953); Buffalo’s first female TV staff announcer (at Channel 2 in the 60s); and host of Buffalo TV’s first audience-participation show (“For the Ladies” at Channel 7 in 1959). Doris also performed more than 10,000 commercials, many of them live, between 1950 and 1972, and appeared coast-to-coast for dozens of national advertisers. In a stunning body of work, she also hosted everything from game shows and public affairs to musical specials and “Romper Room” through the 1950s, 60s and early 70s.

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