2006 Golden Age of Broadcasting Award

Ed Tucholka was known variously as Uncle Ed Tuch, First Voice of the Niagara Frontier and Ed Tucholka. As a young boy he played radio broadcaster and started as a boy chorister. His first job was at a local department store (Sattler’s 998 Broadway) announcing bargains of the day, paging mothers of lost children and generally keeping things moving without benefit of a script. Ed’s deep rich baritone voice landed him a DJ job in the late 1930s at WEBR radio. After the war started, he did a piece called the Noon Day Review, highlighting a local GI every day. Tucholka would detail where the local serviceman was and how he was contributing to the war effort. In the late 1940s and early 1950s he morphed into Uncle Ed of Uncle Ed’s Children’s Hour at WEBR. Tucholka moved to the WBEN stations in 1958 and oversaw their FM station’s operations along with a variety of other responsibilities through the sixties. He interviewed many celebs, but was never in awe of any of them. He taught radio broadcasting through Junior Achievement and the YMCA. Tucholka continued to work part time at WHLD and retired in September 1995 at 80 years young, still the picture of dignity and elegance he always presented. He passed away in January 0f 1996 after a brief illness.

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