2009 Inductee

Like most Lackawanna boys in the 1940s, the late Fred Klestine worked at the steel mill once he got out of school. But his bellowing voice and friendly, mellow personality helped him land a job as the morning man on WWOL Radio in the 1950s.

Whether at WWOL, WBNY, or during his decade at KB Radio during its 1960s top 40 prime, Klestine always did what he could to share his love of jazz with his audience. He knew the music, and knew many of the performers personally. Klestine was a natural for the jazz-centric WADV-FM in the 70s, and worked at WBUF through the 80s.

To those who listened, he was a calm, straight-laced elder statesman type with a deep melodic voice. Off the air, he was a coffee-swilling funnyman. Longtime co-workers like Dan Neaverth count him not only as one of the funniest people they’ve ever known, but as a great friend. Klestine was 68 when he died in 1992.

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