Class of 1997

“Hey…the Hound’s around…” That’s what was heard every night at 7:15 atop the strains of Cozy Eggleston’s tune The Big Heavy, and carried over the 50,000 watt giant WKBW, And “The Hound” had, indeed, been around. Starting in around 1947 at WXRA, moving in ’54 to WJJL, in ’55 to KB, in 1960 on to WINE and a few years later making his move to the then under used FM dial when he established WBLK. For a brief period he worked along side Alan Freed at WJW in Cleveland. George Lorenz was a true original, and the Buffalo airwaves has yet to see the likes of him again. His place in Buffalo radio lore is firmly established. His kind of broadcasting has gone the way of the buggy whip, but he remains a symbol of staunch independence and raw talent that has inspired many broadcasters to this day.

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