1999 Inductee

Joey Reynolds is the South Buffalo boy who became one of America’s all-time rock radio superstars at WKBW in the early 1960s. He’s generally acknowledged to have been radio’s first “shock jock,” about 25 years before the term was coined, peppering his nightly KB laughfest with audacious observations and the sort of balls-out humor that might make Don Rickles cringe. His nightly 6:55 “changeover crosstalk” with Dan Neaverth became must-listening, and he and Neaverth scored a hit record with “Rats in My Room.” Reynolds later luxuriated successfully in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia as a radio jock, TV personality, showbiz producer and music impresario. He still goes coast-to-coast nightly with his New York-based overnight radio talk show on 100 stations (including Buffalo’s WGR).

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