2010 Inductee

They say people notice when Les Trent is in town; whether the Inside Edition correspondent is reporting top stories around the country on national television or the fact that he is visiting his kids right in Buffalo.

Les Trent got an early start on his journalism career out of Seneca College in Toronto. Before he knew it, he was no longer selling advertising and was writing an entertainment column, but he began his broadcast career in Buffalo radio in 1981, starting as a DJ at WACJ-FM, followed by WUWU-FM and WBLK-FM. He started his work in 1984 Buffalo television as an Associate Producer at WIVB , then proceeded to weekends at WGRZ-TV, where he and Beverly Armstrong were the first African American anchor team in Buffalo. Les Trent fulfilled his dream of working among personalities, such as Irv Weinstein and Tom Jolls.

Les Trent covered stories like the Oakland Hills firestorm, earthquakes, and gay rights movements in San Francisco at TV station KPIX after 1990. He covered top stories of the OJ Simpson trial, Tonya Harding and the Olympics, and Princess Di’s funeral while working for King World. He left tabloid show American Journal in 1998 to work for the entertainment show, Extra, for two years. Trent returned to King World’s Inside Edition after 2000 to cover more top-breaking news stories like the 9-1-1 attacks to the Cannes Film Festival to Hurricane Katrina, in which he was part of the first camera crew to get inside the nursing home in New Orleans where 34 people died.  Les Trent has truly done it all, from interviews with President Clinton, searching for chess champion Bobby Fischer in Iceland, and working for tabloid TV, covering Michael Jackson’s legal problems and celebrity Britney Spears.

Les Trent has never had a boring day on the job. For over 14 years when Les Trent was not working, the proud father traveled from his home in Newark, NJ, to Buffalo to visit his kids.

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