2001 Inductee

Liz Dribben has scaled the Everest of broadcast journalism alongside Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, Charles Osgood, Charles Kuralt and Walter Cronkite. Through 21 years as a producer, writer, reporter and interviewer at CBS News in New York, she contributed her formidable talent and discerning critical eye to the betterment of the careers of several of the most distinguished journalists in American broadcasting history. But the foundation that formed the greatness of her CBS years-1972 through 1993-was created in Buffalo, where she was one of the most memorable personalities on WKBW-TV (Channel 7). She started in 1959 as a publicist and production go-fer. By 1964, with “Dialing for Dollars” 5 days a week, her landmark one-on-one interviews on weekends and a daily morning newscast, Dribben had elbowed her way into a medium that previously segregated females into the bailiwick of cutesy-pie duties. Stymied by lack of further advancement, she hopped a plane to the Big Apple in 1969 and never returned. Dribben now works as a commentator at WNYC-FM, hosts talk shows at WEVD Radio and teaches broadcast journalism at Columbia University. Says Charles Osgood: “Liz could have been a great detective or psychiatrist. When she listens, people talk.”

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