2009 Inductee

A respected, straight street reporter at Channel 4 for an entire generation, Marie Rice came on at WBEN-TV in 1977 as the woman in the vaunted station’s on-air news stable.

It was soon after her sign-on in Buffalo that the story perhaps best suited to her brand of straight-laced compassionate journalism began to unfold; it was one she’d continue to report on until she left WIVB in 2004.

Rice was one of the earliest journalists on the scene at Love Canal at a time when home owners there just wanted to know what the ooze in their basements was. She hopes, she says, that through her reporting she was able to make a difference. It’s all a part of public service; giving a voice to the voiceless.

The Ohio native says everyone is blessed with a gift, and she counts her husky, commanding voice as hers. And while the tonal quality of that familiar voice struck the proper mood in reporting from murder trials and city hall scandals, before working in television news in Buffalo and Albany, Rice was known as Misty, as one of the country’s first female disc jockeys at an all-jazz station in Pittsburgh.

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