Much has been written about Sunday’s death of radio icon Casey Kasem.  His landmark program, American Top 40, aired on several Buffalo radio stations through the years.. 

Here is Kasem’s obituary from the New York Times.

During the formative years of his career, Kasem spent a year in 1960 at Buffalo’s WBNY at 1400AM.  The Facebook page of the group Historical Buffalo has a rare recording of “Casey at the Mic” from his WBNY days.

Kasem was apparently fired from WBNY for “insubordination.”  According to a report by Danny Spewak on WGRZ, Channel 2 Sunday, Matt Wilson, a producer who worked on American Top 40, said Kasem “never went into details” on what happened.  Wilson speculated that Kasem had a clash with management, likely over format issues. 

Veteran Buffalo radio programmer Tom Schuh related a story that while he was programming WHTT, “Oldies 104,” Schuh invited Kasem to the Buffalo radio reunions the station held.  Kasem politely declined, but always with a personal phone call or handwritten note, according to Schuh.

Casey Kasem died Sunday, June 15, 2014 at the age of 82 following a long illness.



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