Stephen Alexander Reid, 68, who was known as Super Shannon during his Buffalo radio days, died December 25, 2014 after a 10 year struggle with cancer.

Reid started his career in Buffalo radio at WGRQ 96.9FM (now WGRF) and WKBW 1520AM (now WWKB).  He was known for his high energy, loud delivery.  According to local PR executive John Bisci, Reid also supervised the nightclub DJs for Turgeon Restaurants in Buffalo in 1977 (Boardwalk Cafe/Electric Co. Disco, Ali Baba’s, Library). He was one of the first DJs at the Club 747 in Buffalo when it was built in 1975.

Reid later transitioned into TV as a co-host with the first PM Magazine in Columbus, OH. Afterwards he became the host of a morning talk show with CBN.

Reid was an avid golfer, baseball player and loved the Buffalo Bills. He is survived by two daughters, plus grandchildren and siblings.  A funeral service was held on January 2, 2015.

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