2008 Inductee

The name would leave most wondering, but the smooth, consistent voice is one you’re unable to escape in Buffalo. From Channel 2’s promo pieces to Valu Home Centers and Paddock Chevrolet, on on-hold messages, to the national Time/Life commercials, for a quarter century, Pat Feldballe has been Western New York’s go-to independent voice-over king.

In 1970s we all heard him at WBUF, WGR, WGRQ, and WUWU playing rock’n roll and hosting a magazine program (and working with Terry Gross) at WBFO. He eventually got the point when he’d show up for his jock shift and find a handful of production orders taped to the console for him to do.

Figuring it was his destiny, he did a stint as a radio production director, but quickly decided, in 1982, that he could do production on his own. He hasn’t looked back.

In an industry where many production guys will try to sell clients on the latest and greatest gadget, Feldballe has used the same microphone since 1986. It’s a part of all his success.

I’m the most consistent guy I know. I always sound the same, and I take pride in making sure reads time out, says Feldballe. He’s the best at showing up and doing the work, doing it well, and making it easy for whoever is using his work. I just hung out the shingle 27 years ago, and here I am.

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