2000 Inductee

Phil Beuth is one of the original executive who helped establish the fabled Capital Cities broadcast empire in the mid-1950s in upstate New York. One of the most savvy broadcast managers of his generation, he became enormously take with Buffalo during his 11-year stint as general manager of Channel 7 start in 1975. His “watch” at the station was keynoted by Channel 7’s cakewalk-dominance in the audience ratings and be the stunning supremacy of the Weinstein-Azar-Jolls anchor troika. Beuth was especially noted in those years for his deftness in fine-tuning and freshening up the station, while never relinquishing that Nielsen dearth-grip, and for hiring such talent as Susan Banks, Don Postles and Don Polec. When Cap Cities swallowed up ABC in the mid-80s, Beuth immediately was ushered to New York to take over “Good Morning America” where he pulled off a near-impossible fear: Forcing out David Hartman and replacing him with Charlie Gibson, while never missing a beat in that program’s No. 1 ranking. He also was primarily responsible for the emergence of weatherman Spencer Christian.

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