Class of 1997

In 1931 young Ralph Hubbell landed a job reading poems on WEBR . This was within a decade of the birth of what would become one of the most powerful means of communication in history,…..Radio! After a time Ralph moved to WBEN, where he wou ld go on to become among the most respected sports broadcasters ever in Buffalo. He would team up with other sports icons such as Chuck Healy, Van Miller and Dick Riefenberg to add to the excitement of a burgeoning sports scene through a medium that broug ht the action on the field, or the rink , or the ring….into the living room. Ralph Hubbell will also be remembered for his warm and humorous conversations, on-the-air and in print, with his fictitional alter-ego “The Oldtimer”. His depth of knowledge and the genuine warmth of his personality will serve to leave an indelible mark upon the face of broadcasting in Buffalo.

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