Local news organizations often rely on stringers to shoot footage of stories for manyreasons and we remember one that recently passed away.

Don McIntyre, a stringer for WIVB-TV, passed away earlier this month.

“Don was extremely reliable and one of the people we totally relied not only to cover an assigned story but to sniff out breaking news for us whenever it happened in the Ellicottville area or anywhere near the Pennsylvania line,” said Nancy Sanders, Operations Manager at WIVB-TV.

The featured photo above is of McIntyre (right) alongside the legendary Walter Cronkite. The photo is courtesy of his wife, Mary McIntyre.

Many shared memories on Facebook about their time working with McIntyre including this from Rich Newberg.

I made a point of logging every frame he shot because I knew how hard he worked to get the story on the air.

Rich Newberg, Retired Senior Correspondent for WIVB-TV

Red white and blue logo for Report for America

Spectrum News Buffalo announced this morning that they have been selected to participate in a local reporting initiative that will serve the Western New York community.

A dedicated reporter, from the Report For America (RFA) corps, will join the team at Spectrum News Buffalo to tell stories specific to this area. The area of focus will be mental health in New York State and Spectrum News Buffalo is the first commercial station that RFA has worked with.

Report For America is a nationwide program that will provide 50 reporting positions during the year with more positions and stations to be announced soon. To see the complete list of media outlets participating, click this link for the press release.

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