An exhibit that honors the memory of Tim Russert is now open to the public at the Buffalo History Museum.

After more than four years on display at the Newseum in Washington, the contents of the office of the late NBC newsman Tim Russert was moved to his hometown of Buffalo, New York. The exhibit is titled “Inside Tim Russert’s Office.”

The office re-creation includes items such as Russert’s “Thou Shalt Not Whine” sign, as well as the famous white erase board where he wrote “Florida, Florida, Florida” to indicate which state would decide the 2000 presidential election. 

The exhibit also includes numerous books, papers and framed photos, many with Buffalo connections.

“There’s a paper Tim that was made by school children from here in Buffalo that was mailed to him and it hung in his office. He kept it there. He liked it so much that it hung on the wall,” Melissa Brown, museum director, told WBFO News. 

It’s not a big exhibit, but Brown says the content gives people a good feel for who Tim Russert was.

“It’s a really interesting lens in on his world. You definitely can feel how important family and his home town was. And you also get a sense for what an amazing dynamic he had as a journalist and what influenced him in that sphere.” 

Members of the Buffalo Broadcasters Association were invited to a sneak preview on October 16th before the exhibit was formally opened. 

Museum officials thanked Congressman Brian Higgins for his efforts to bring the exhibit to Russert’s hometown. 

Russert was the longtime host of “Meet the Press.”  He also served as Washington Bureau chief for NBC News.

Russert also served as an advisor to the late US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and former Governor Mario Cuomo.

He died of a heart attack while at work preparing for his show in June 2008. 

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