Remembering the past... looking toward the future!

Jenna Callari

As the football season starts, WKBW-TV has prepared two new weekly shows to keep you excited and caught up with the Buffalo Bills. Announced on September 4, the first show is called ‘Leading the Charge,’ which starts airing weekly every Friday at 7:30 p.m., premiering on September 11. The second weekly show is called ‘The Point After’ which starts airing weekly every Monday at 7 p.m., premiering on September 14. Both ‘Leading the Charge’ and ‘The Point After’ will air live on WKBW-TV in the Western New York area. 

‘Leading the Charge’ is a pregame, fan-focused show that will excite you, featuring Matthew Bové and the 7 Eyewitness Sports team, who will interview players and coaching staff to give you some insight into their thoughts and plans for current and upcoming matches. Bové, Marcel Louis-Jacques, Jenna Callari, and Adam Unger will also give their score predictions during the show. Just like you, WKBW-TV knows that not being able to attend games is discouraging, so ‘Leading the Charge’ will also include meeting with fans, seeing what your setup of watching the game is like, and providing some fun facts about a player that you don’t know yet. 

“We just want to give fans a reason to be excited because I know there’s a lot of changes that are happening this year,” Bové said in an interview. “So hopefully, this show is a way for fans to connect with the team that they haven’t been able to in the past.”

On the other hand, ‘The Point After’ will be an expert driven show hosted by Bové, John Murphy from the Buffalo Bills, Joe Buscaglia from The Athletic, and Marcel Louis-Jacques from ESPN. To give you some more perspective on how the Bills are performing, this show will be more football focused. The guys will touch on the game that happened the day before, breaking down individual plays, and how the Bills stand when it comes to the next upcoming matchup. 

“The game [is what] everybody in Western New York is talking about the day after it happens on Monday. So we basically want to continue that conversation and bring a couple of different viewpoints from people who’ve been covering the team for a long time,” Bové said. 

Bové also shared his own excitement about the start of the season. 

“I think there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Bills this year. And I think that’s one of the reasons why we really wanted to make sure there was a show. Because I think fans are craving Bills content and stories and to learn more about their team. I think most of us in western New York think they’re going to be good this year.”

If you’re a regular viewer of Wake Up! on WIVB-TV, you’ll soon be watching a new morning co-anchor alongside Jordan Williams. The station has hired Melanie Orlins (left), who most recently moved to Buffalo from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she served as the Morning Anchor for FOX 43. She has also worked in Grand Forks, North Dakota and is a Florida State Univeristy alum. She takes over for Teresa Weakley, who left to move closer to family and is now working at WOOD-TV, over a year ago. Interim anchor Brittni Smallwood will return to anchoring the 8 a.m. newscast and report for Wake Up!

A familiar face in local television has returned to the local airwaves. Lia Lando (right) started filling-in as a weekend anchor at WKBW-TV in early July. Some may remember that Lando was the interim anchor at WIVB-TV after Lisa Flynn retired from the station from 2009 to 2010. After that she spent five years at WHEC-TV in Rochester as the anchor of “Roc City Tonight” and the station’s 11 p.m. broadcast. She has previously worked at WROC-TV and WETM-TV.