Earlier this month, the New York State Associated Press Association announced the winners of the annual awards given local print and broadcast media outlets. WNY stations walked away from the ceremony, in Saratoga Springs, with 38 awards total. This wrap-up will cover the radio awards from the 2 WNY stations that competed.

Leading the pack with 11 total awards was WBFO-FM, the NPR station in Western New York, which is the most for any radio station (commercial or public) in the entire state. The station earned the following awards:

  • Outstanding News Operation for Radio II: WBFO-FM
  • 1st Place, Art Athens General Excellence of Individual Reporting: Eileen Buckley, Education Beat
  • 1st Place, Digital Presence: WBFO-FM, “Definitely Digital”
  • 1st Place, Spot News Coverage: WBFO-FM, “One Heck of a Storm”
  • 1st Place, Best Feature: Avery Schneider, “Haircuts & Heart Health”
  • 1st Place, Public Service: WBFO-FM, “The Opioid Epidemic”
  • 1st Place, Best News Series: Scott Sackett, “The Arts and Social Integration”
  • 1st Place, Best Documentary: Eileen Buckley/Jonny Moran, “The Education Experience”
  • 1st Place, Best Sports Coverage: Michael Mroziak, “The 11-Day Power Play”
  • 2nd Place, Best Use of Sound: Eileen Buckley, “Ice Cream Dude”
  • 2nd Place, Best Investigative Reporting: Daniela Porat, “Investigative Post: Police Issues Prevalent in Buffalo”

Across town, WBEN-AM picked up a total of 6 awards for their reporting. The station won the following awards:

  • 1st Place, Continuing Coverage: WBEN-AM, “Missing Buffalo Police Diver”
  • 1st Place, Weathercast: WBEN-AM, Andy Parker
  • 2nd Place, Podcast: Tim Wenger, “Carl Paladino’s NYS Education Trial”
  • 2nd Place, Newscast: WBEN-AM
  • 2nd Place, Art Athens General Excellence of Individual Reporting: Mike Baggerman
  • 2nd Place, Weathercast: WBEN-AM, Andy Parker
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