“My mother’s older sister bought a radio in the early 1930’s. The world to which we are introduced was amazing. It certainly had some influence on my career choice,” noted Margaret Russ.

She graduated from D’Youville College in August of 1945 and applied for a job in radio at the Courier Express-owned WEBR, retiring from the same station, eventually owned by the Western New York Broadcasting Association in December of 1990.

Margaret started out as the “Extra Girl”, which meant working wherever needed in Promotion, Programming, Music library, Copy, etc. Eventually, she was assigned to Promotion and worked as a “chaperone” on the popular Hi-Teen Show, a program hosted by Bob Wells and broadcast from the Dellwood Ball Room at Main and Utica, where area teenagers danced to the current records of the day.

Eventually the radio veteran worked in the Traffic department. The introduction of the computer made it easier to handle traffic, continuity and even the on-air book reviews that Margaret did. She eventually went on to become secretary to General Manager.

After retiring in 1990, Margaret continued to help WNED with Fund Drives and the Auction.

“The Courier Express had insisted that the radio airwaves belonged to the citizens of the United States, and we were permitted to make a living as broadcasters through licensing,” said Maggie. “We should always be aware of our debt to them and do our best to serve them responsibly.”

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